Kettler Rowing Machines Review

Kettler may be a German-based company that dates back to 1949, and Kettler has served North America since the Nineteen Eighties.

This international brand not solely manufactures residential rowers and different indoor fitness machines, however additionally makes road bikes, and other tables which are otherwise quite unmatched in pricing.

The whole options 5 row machines that use magnetism or mechanics for resistance which you are going to include in your workouts.

The magnetic rowers all embrace special attachments that allow them perform as miniature gyms. Kettler’s publicized costs embrace delivery.

Kettler Rowing Machines


Kettler makes 3 magnetic row machines and 2 hydraulic row machines. All are for home use and the standard ranges pretty wide, and in our reviews the price of a Kettler row machine ranges from average to on top of average.

Kettler Rowing Machines review

The magnetic rowers are paired with reliable pc monitors by SIEMENS. All of the machines are beneath warranty for 3 years.

The Coach E is Kettler’s high row machine. This quiet $1399 magnetic oarsman is one among the most effective of its kind. It options a steel frame, a large vary of resistance with electronic controls, and twelve predetermined programs.

A special feature of this model is its extra exercise options: The Kettler Coach E arrives with 2 attachments that support sixteen completely different exercises.

Very almost like the Coach E is that the Kettler Coach M. The Coach M indoor oarsman has manually managed magnetic resistance rather than electronic tension control.

Just like the Coach E, the Coach M has 2 easy-to-attach plates to support sixteen extra exercises.

Kettler’s most cost-effective magnetic row machine is named the Stroke Rower and Multi-Trainer. It’s best suited for beginners and intermediate level athletes.

The Stroke Rower has eight resistance levels with manual management. It has one plate attachment for finishing ten exercises besides row.

The most high-ticket hydraulic oarsman by Kettler is named the Kadett. This unit is beneath three-year warranty, however in our review it’s less longevity than expected.

Consequently, this can be our least counseled rower from this whole. Another hydraulic oarsman by Kettler, referred to as the Favorit, prices less and appears like a far better choice.

Best Features:

Monitor: Kettler’s magnetic rowers (but not its hydraulic rowers) facilitate guide workouts with top quality SIEMENS pc monitors. These monitors have predetermined programs and show correct rate of each factor.

Heart Rate Features: Rate management workouts are supported on the Coach E and Coach M magnetic row machines. These units and even the cheaper Kettlers even have a Cardio eudaimonia perform that measures rate modification when exercise and assigns a score of one to six.

Wide Resistance Ranges: Kettler rowers will support a large vary of talent levels. The Coach E magnetic Rower, for one, features a resistance vary of twenty five to five hundred watts. Kettler’s most cost-effective oarsman, the Favorit, has fifty levels of hydraulic resistance.

Bonus Exercises: A special advantage of Kettler’s 3 magnetic row machines are easy-to-attach plates that support up to sixteen extra exercises. These let the row machines function miniature gyms.

Comfortable Design: Kettler rowers feel sensible to use. they need pivoting footplates, soft seats and sleek glides.

Store Upright: These rowers are held on upright or rolled to save lots of house.

Warranty: Kettler’s warranties are terribly competitive, providing 3 years of components coverage even on the most cost-effective units.

The Cons:

Cost: A number of Kettler’s product are priced somewhat high. Also, their hydraulic row machines can be high-ticket to maintain and the pistons aren’t low-cost to interchange.

Some ar Plug-In: Some Kettler rowing machines use batteries to power the console pc, however others ought to be close to electric outlet.